BTC Buy: Frequently Asked Questions

Why BTC Buy?

We allow you to buy goods from leading retailers with just your bitcoin funds. You can buy gift cards with a pre-set value, or with custom one, or just spend a set amount of bitcoins. We do not require passwords, you can use throwaway emails, and if you are concerned with security, we opened a secure website for you, so it is easy to stay anonymous while shopping with bitcoin

How is it better than other exchange services?

We are trying to make converting BTC as effortless for you as possible. We automated the ordering process, so that you are notified on every step of the process. We answer all email inquiries.

I made an order, how soon do I need to transfer bitcoin?

Once the order has been accepted, we request the bitcoin to be sent immediately. If we don't receive payment within 1 hour, the order will be cancelled, and your bitcoins will be refunded

I sent bitcoin, and nothing happens, what is going on?

If you look at your bitcoin client, there is a number of confirmations in "Status" column. If a number of confirmations is zero, the bitcoin transaction hasn't happened yet. Once your transaction makes it to the block, we will send you a confirmation by email, that bitcoin was received. Although it is a common practice to wait for several confirmations, we normally clear the order to go after transaction makes it into the block. In order to avoid delay, please consider adding a transaction fee to the transaction. Transactions with no transaction fee are often held by the network for a long time, sometimes for many hours.

I got a "payment received" confirmation, how soon will I get gift card?

Orders are normally handled in a timely fashion, with most orders filled within an hour or less, but some may take up to 12 hours to process. If it has been 12 hour and you got nothing, contact [email protected]

What is your refund policy?

We do not promise refunds. Once we purchase the gift card for you, there is no guarantee that you can return it. However, if you ordered a card, and you discover that you no longer need it, we can buy it back, but amount that will be refunded will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact [email protected] if you are in that situation.

I ordered a card, and then I changed my mind

Don't send the bitcoin, and let transaction expire.

Where can I get more info, post suggestion, or look for feedback?

Look at this forum thread

Why don't you also sell ****** gift cards?

Maybe for a reason, but then maybe just overlooked. If what you want is a popular item, and is easy to procure, please post your suggestion to this forum thread

Site is having troubles, what is happening?

Check on twitter to get real time updates

Where are exchange rates coming from?

To determine rate, we are using the auto-update algorithm, which looks a few hours back in history, calculating a price at which we can reasonably expect to convert bitcoin to cash. We also adjust the price to the other circumstances.